Creative Compass Society partnered with the Langley Heritage Society and CN Fort Langley Station Committee to launch a series of interactive historical re-enactments to celebrate life at the CN Station throughout the decades. The society worked with Mark Forsythe of the CN Committee who produced an original script and after a series of collaborations, workshops and rehearsals launched the live performances in the summer/fall 2019. The production ran with 28 free outdoor performances with over 1000 audience members in attendance at the CN platform, the outdoor stage area where the performances took place. The program is supported by the Langley Heritage Society and received rave reviews by the public at large. The theatre project was also part of BC Culture Days in 2019.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, the CN station was closed for the season and the production was postponed.

As the production was unable to take place on the platform in the usual live fashion due to restrictions of the pandemic, with the help of All in One Productions Inc. and grant funding from the Township of Langley and the Province of BC, the society formed a team to produce a film quality version of the production with the original cast. Extra scenes will be added in the film version with cameo performances by additional members of the community including scriptwriter, Mark Forsythe.