Fort Langley Film Festival

The Fort Langley Film Festival

February 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2024

Fort Langley Community Hall – 9167 Glover Road

The Festival will screen full feature films, shorts & documentaries by Independent Filmmakers.

2024 Festival Schedule

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

5:30pm – Doors open. Join us before the screenings for networking opportunities with Filmmakers and Passholders.

7:00pm – Fort Flicks 48-hour screenings followed by Awards Presentation and Post-screening Social for networking opportunities

Saturday, February 24th

Mimosa Morning Mingle at 10:00am. Conversations and Shorts during the Day…..And our feature presentation at 7:30pm.


Q&A with filmmakers in attendance after each film

[Insert Short Film Title]

Director: Kory Orban

Country: Canada – Run Time: 12:21

In the mind of every filmmaker, there are two wolves locked in an epic, eternal, and fierce battle for control and influence – The analytical left brain and the whimsical right. [INSERT SHORT FILM TITLE] personifies these cerebral hemispheres evoking the cinematic manifestation of that cerebrum arm wrestle in the form of a meta-troll of the short film genre while delicately straddling the line between homage and parody.


Director: Michael Morrill

Country: Canada – Run Time: 7:00

Dignity delves into the intersection of death, grief, guilt, and self-determination, presenting a mother and daughter abruptly forced across the precipice of loss, who confront their most difficult emotions—and each other—as they attempt to find a way forward after the passing of a loved one. Illuminating the complex topic of medically assisted suicide within an isolated bubble in time, Dignity places the audience as a voyeur to intensely raw conversations. Where the presence of loss is felt like a ghost in the room, the film insists on bringing the viewer closer until they too must reconcile the conflicting perspectives within themselves, even ones they would rather not face.

I Loved to See You

Director: Ricardo Garcia

Country: Brazil – Run Time: 18:58

A deaf boy falls in love with a blind girl. Now he must find a way to communicate as he discovers the world that surrounds her.

Picky Eater

Director: Kay Slater

Country: Canada – Run Time: 2:48

A short live narrative using ready-made game tiles and no script. The story starts innocently with elements of childhood play and kitchenettes. Once the letters are cooked, the story becomes a melange of the artist’s thoughts and anxieties when eating out in public.

Pirate Treasure

Director: Monty Langford

Country: Canada – Run Time: 10:00

A stubborn, creative boy escapes the disappointment of reality by venturing into his imagination in search of pirate treasure, alongside his loving mother.


Director: Nicole Watson

Country: USA/Canada/Kenya – Run Time: 12:45

“Light” takes us on a journey, in a classic land rover defender, with a passionate team, into the last mile region of Northern Kenya. There we discover the impact that portable solar light has on students who live without electricity access. At the same time learning the challenges these students face in getting an education. An adventurous story of inspiration and determination, as well the bond women share in making the program a success.


Q&A with filmmakers in attendance after each film

Quesillo “no queso Oaxaca”

Director: Carlos Gajardo Avila

Country: Mexico – Run Time: 28:00

A story about the life of two young oaxacan teenagers with afro and indigenous roots, both raised in a rural region on the pacific coast, where their beliefs and limits won’t stop them from reaching their dreams no matter what.


Director: Eden Kannistan

Country: Canada – Run Time: 7:09

A young man stuck in a depressed state has to pick up himself when a ghost suddenly sets him up for a date with his crush tonight.


Director: Genesis Thompson

Country: Canada – Run Time: 10:20

A look into three personalities of Jada, a young woman with dissociative identity disorder. Her chaotic journey to “normalcy” is constantly obstructed by her unsupportive mother. In an attempt to rebalance her life, she seeks the aid of a therapist, Rachelle, who guides her into self-acceptance with love, support and kindness.

Professional Triangle Player

Director: Nathaniel Sutton

Country: Canada – Run Time: 1:28

Nathaniel Sutton is passionate about the triangle, this short music mockumentary was made to show the process in finding the perfect triangle sound.


Director: Meri Dishnica

Country: Italy – Run Time: 15:00

A forty-year-old woman named SOL, floats in a long-distance relationship bubble. She starts the day waiting for the wake-up call to accurately perform her morning ritual, which seems to be a video call with her longtime boyfriend FRED. He is so far away that the sunrise at Sol’s window marks the sunset at his. They both look weary and on the verge of frustration as they wait to see each other for Christmas— so the story goes, for some bizarre reason, for the two of them to meet requires the crack of Fred’s bubble, which never occurs.


Q&A with filmmakers in attendance after each film

Bonno Everson & the 20 Sides of Fate

Director: Mike Schoenhals

Country: Canada – Run Time: 24:05

A group of middle-aged friends, reeling from the loss of their beloved character, Paul, play an ongoing role-playing game. With the introduction of Bonno Eversong, a pacifist bard, skepticism hangs heavy in the air; however, with time, his soothing melodies and quick wit begin to sway their opinions. The misfit band face daunting challenges, including a menacing troll and a fearsome fire-breathing dragon. Through ingenuity, determination and Bonno’s commitment to peace, they conquer the trials & discover a renewed sense of unity, illustrating that strength can manifest in unconventional ways.


Director: Mia Martinez

Country: Canada – Run Time: 11:38

Haunted by her past life, Alice Burman loses touch with reality; until a series of dreams and familiarities lead her on the search to dig up the truth about her past. Alice finds she is being watched by people who will stop at nothing to hide her secrets. The events that unfold inevitably reunite her with her long lost love, Stellan.

The Forest of Souls

Director: Pierre Gaffie

Country: France – Run Time: 5:00

Mathilde is a young acoustician. Fascinated by the power of sounds, she wants to invent a new way of travelling through time and find the souls of the departed…

The Architect: A Montford Point Marine

Director: Daniel Leonard Bernardi

Country: USA – Run Time: 17:03

An African American architect’s captivating journey through the challenges of early 20th century America, the brutal Korean War, and the complexities of race and family, as he discovers strength, inspiration, and unexpected connections along the way.

Roll on By

Director: Lyra Kathleen Murphy

Country: Canada – Run Time: 14:28

A high school girl finds friendship at the local roller rink after her best friend of 12 years moves on.

Saturday Night Feature – THE FOUNDER EFFECT – 7:30PM

Q&A with filmmakers in attendance after the film. Please stay after the show for conversations with filmmakers. Cash Bar.

The Founder Effect – 7:30pm

Director: Justin MacGregor

Country: Canada – Run Time: 1:53:00

When a young boy goes missing in the town of Hope, his grandfather must grapple with their family history and navigate mysterious phenomena as he sets out on a quest of conscience to save his grandson from the shadows.

Sunday, February 25th

Doc Talk Sunday – 11:00am to 6:30pm

Mimosa Morning Mingle at 10:00am. Conversations and Documentaries throughout the day.

Voices – 11:00am

The Program – 1:30pm

Manufacturing the Threat – 4:30pm

A ` Documentary – 11:00am

Director: Cole Shane Rutman

Country: Canada – Run Time: 1:01:38

Ukrainian citizens who escaped war and found safety in Canada tell their stories. Voices aims to give power to the individual voices of people, with a goal of inspiring humanity and action. Created by Western University students in Canada.

Q&A with Director Cole Rutman in attendance, directly after the screening.

The Program – 1:30pm

Director: Greg Nosaty

Country: Canada – Run Time: 2:11:00

For decades, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs have carefully cultivated an image of being misunderstood motorcycle enthusiasts who have been unfairly treated by police. The reality, however, could not be farther from what they want you to believe.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their members have been at the center of many of Canada’s most violent and brazen criminal acts. Their presence and influence in the criminal underworld and their negative impact on public safety spans the globe.

Making judicious use of dramatic reenactments and featuring interviews with former bikers who risked their lives to share the truth about this unique American invention, “The Program” sheds light on their exclusive recruitment program, the myth of Brotherhood and what really happens in their dark world of violence and crime.

Q&A with Director Greg Nosaty and Executive Producer Lindsey Houghton in attendance, directly after the screening.

Manufacturing the Threat – 4:30pm

Director: Amy Miller

Country: Canada – Run Time: 1:24:54

Manufacturing the Threat is a thrilling and emotional film, which examines a deeply disturbing episode in Canadian history when an impoverished couple was coerced by undercover law enforcement agents into carrying out a terrorist bombing. Shining a light into the murky world of police infiltration, incitement, and agent provocateurs, the film shows how Canada’s policing and national security agencies, granted additional powers after 9/11, routinely breaking laws with little to no accountability or oversight.

Q&A with award winning Director Amy Miller and activist, researcher, and author Alex Popovic in attendance, directly after the screening.

Amy Miller is an award winning writer, director and producer based in Montréal. Her documentaries have been screened in over 100 festivals throughout the world, and have been broadcast in over a dozen countries. She remains dedicated to developing critical documentaries for transformative social change and helping out grassroots campaigns for justice.

Alex Popovic focuses on issues surrounding police impunity and accountability. From his work as a founder of the Coalition Contre La Répression et les Abus Policiers in 2008, or the Forum Against Police Violence and Impunity in 2010, to his involvement in the plethora of justice support groups for victims of police killings, Popovic has been connected to most, if not all, grassroots work on the issue in Montreal over the last 20 years. Popovic’s recent book, Produire la menace: Agents provocateurs au service de l’État canadien, provided the inspiration for Manufacturing the Threat.

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